Home With Dignity Family Gonzalez – Gil

Nuevo Renacer, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic – July 19, 2013

The Home With Dignity project completes the Gonzalez – Gil residence in the Nuevo Renacer barrio of Puerto Plata.  This home represents the 32nd home funded by Project Las Americas in the Dominican Republic.  PLA has worked with Pastor Sandra Tineo and the Jardin de Luz Foundation since 2002 in education, health, youth and community development.


The housing project is designed after the “barn raising” concept, common in the early American tradition.  The principle objective is to bring the community together for a common need and foster community development.  Secondly, an impoverished family receives a decent home to provide stability and security for the family.  PLA provides the construction materials while community volunteers provide the labor.  This project has been a key element in the transformation of the barrio, from a cluster of people living in close proximity to a true community which exhibits concern and empathy towards one another.

School Project in La Gonave Haiti

18 July 2013 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Project Las Americas (PLA) in collaboration with Pastor Caliph Joel Phils have agreed to establish a school in Trou Louis Jeune, Isle of La Gonave Haiti.  The remodeling of an abandoned school building will begin the first week of August 2013.  Currently there are 260 children in the community who have not attended school in over two years.


School project site in La Gonave Haiti

PLA is funding with Pastor Caliph two schools located in Maranatha and Loma Bajita, Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic.  Education is the only true long term solution to poverty and access to economic opportunity.  The Trou Louis Jeune school will offer 1st through 6th grades.

La Gonave family

Family in Trou Louis Jeune, La Gonave


Pastor Caliph with children of Trou Louis Jeune

We are hopeful to find donors to support the funding for this project.  The building reparation and initial school supplies will cost $7,000.  Monthly teachers’ salaries will run $700 per month.  Additionally, we need to add a nutrition component for the school children, which will cost $5 monthly per student.  Interested sponsors may visit www.projectlasamerica.com to help sponsor this education project in La Gonave Haiti, the “poorest place in the western hemisphere”.